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My baby boys!

¬† These are two of the greatest things in my life. Pets add so much love and energy into people’s life. They should be loved and spoiled in return! I love my babies! … Read entire article »

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Lazy Days

There are days when you just don’t feel like doing anything. Is it wrong to sit around all day and just do nothing? I think it is perfectly okay. Everyone needs some down time. In my down time I like to sit and watch my “trash” tv shows that my husband hates. It gives me the “me time” that everyone needs. Take a break and just relax every once in a while! … Read entire article »

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Black Bean Brownies

One way to make brownies healthier is to substitute the flour in any brownie recipe with¬†15 1/2 oz of black beans. Drain one can of black beans and continue to follow the recipe as directed omitting the flour. The brownies will be very moist, yet you won’t feel as guilty eating them! They are yummy! … Read entire article »

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