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My baby boys!

  These are two of the greatest things in my life. Pets add so much love and energy into people’s life. They should be loved and spoiled in return! I love my babies! … Read entire article »

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So I am writing this post, not to bash Tiger Woods, but to vent about all cheating men. I don’t understand why men cheat in the first place. They married their wife hopefully because they truly loved her and wanted to be with her, only her, for the rest of their life. Why a change of mind? In Tiger’s place it’s not because his wife became unattractive or non-supportive. She is just as beautiful, strong and now a great mother, so I guess he’s just selfish in my opinion. If Tiger cheated on his wife then are there any good guys out there? I hope so and I think so! You just have to keep digging through the “bad” ones to find a truthful, respectable, honest man. His wife should … Read entire article »

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Christmas Gift Ideas?

Not sure what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas? You are not the only one, but I do have a few tips to help…. hopefully! 1. Do they enjoy a sport and need new gear, etc? (Loves tennis, so get them a racquet) 2. Did they buy a new “toy” and need extras/accessories for it? (ex. video games for their game system, or new case for their camera) 3. Listen to the hidden messages they are sending…. “I like these shoes, but I would never pay that much for them.” 4. Buy something that reminds you of them. Happy Shopping! … Read entire article »

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Event Planning…. The N Event

Are you in need of a professional event planner? The N Event can help you! They plan any event from small birthday parties to large weddings… and everything in between! The N Event is an all inclusive event planning company that serves North and South Carolina. They are very detailed, dependable and here to cater to all your needs. All of the packages can be customized to your needs and budget.  Please visit our website at, or email at with your planning needs! … Read entire article »

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