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My Thoughts On Having Babies With No Money!

So I am at the point in my life where having babies seems to be the thing to do. My husband and I are ready to start our family. The problem with that though is maternity insurance. We have insurance, but of course the insurance only pays certain amounts for certain things. I am not complaining necessarily on having to pay for a child because they are worth more than a few doctor bills to me. What I have a problem with is the people that go out and take government money to have tons of children. It’s like it is a competition for them to have as many kids as they can and use all the working classes money to do so. If you want to have a child … Read entire article »

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Having babies

Don’t have more babies if you are already on goverment funding! It is not fair to the working class. How could you feel good about doing that. You are seriously taking money from the people that work so you can have another child. NOT FAIR! Some working class people can’t afford to have a child, but if you are not working, on governent funding then you have all your expensives covered. This issue makes me so mad! GO TO WORK IF YOU WANT A KID! … Read entire article »

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Number 1

Receiving special offers in the mail that have already expired! I receive great offers all the time, and then I look at when it expires,┬áit expired like weeks ago! Don’t bother sending it if I can’t use it! … Read entire article »

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