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Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

I am sure if any of you have been pregnant then the doctor has given you a list of the things to eat, not eat, do and not do. Here is a basic list of the things to avoid:

1. Do not eat sushi…. any type of raw fish and harm the baby and plus it has mercury.
2. Do not eat deli meat… there is the chance it could have bacteria and harm the baby. Make sure you heat it first.
3. Do not eat unpasteurized milk products… this includes cheeses that used unpasteurized milk products.
4. Limit the amount of caffeine you consume.
5. Limit the amount of hot dogs you eat.
6. Do not eat raw seafood. Cooked shrimp and crab is a safe choice.

Those are the main things to avoid…. remember to take your prenatal vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables and move. Exercise is good! Happy Pregnancy to all your Mothers-2-Be!

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