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St Martin or St Lucia for a Babymoon?

My husband and I are planning a babymoon and would like your feedback. As of now it is between St Martin and St Lucia. I will be starting my third trimester so I mainly want to relax by the water (ocean, swim-up pools, etc) and eat great food. We want to experience the Caribbean without the hassle. We have been to the Bahamas, Jamaica and some other tropical destinations. Please give me your feedback on these places! Thanks in advance! … Read entire article »

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Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

I am sure if any of you have been pregnant then the doctor has given you a list of the things to eat, not eat, do and not do. Here is a basic list of the things to avoid: 1. Do not eat sushi…. any type of raw fish and harm the baby and plus it has mercury. 2. Do not eat deli meat… there is the chance it could have bacteria and harm the baby. Make sure you heat it first. 3. Do not eat unpasteurized milk products… this includes cheeses that used unpasteurized milk products. 4. Limit the amount of caffeine you consume. 5. Limit the amount of hot dogs you eat. 6. Do not eat raw seafood. Cooked shrimp and crab is a safe choice. 7. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL! 8. DO NOT SMOKE! Those are … Read entire article »

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Being pregnant can be a blessing and peaceful time of your life. For me knowing that I am responsible for a life inside of me makes me very happy. We have created this amazing creature that we need to love, support and protect. Children are a gift sent from God and a miracle. A lot of women tend to continue on with their day to day schedule and never sit back and think about this time. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I hope that anyone wanting to get pregnant is able to, or at least finds peace within their self by donating time to work with children, foster a child, adopt or simply realize that things happen for a reason. Babies are a gift and should be treated that way. … Read entire article »

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