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Looking at cute clothes, adorable shoes and cool toys seems to make motherhood seem awesome. What about the late night screaming, poop on the rug and the constant need to suck on your boobs? Is that as awesome and exciting as you thought it would be? Well I would like the think that the answer is yes. Motherhood seems to range from extremely blessed to overly frustrated, but at the end of the day, it is apparently all worth it. Take time to enjoy every minute you have with your little one! … Read entire article »

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Happy 2011

It’s a new year… time to make some changes (if needed)! Start the year off by doing something nice for someone. Get goals for 2011. Make small changes that lead to big results. As for myself, I don’t like to set unattainable goals, but rather small baby steps that I can accomplish. When I have reached that goal, I then increase the goal. This year a goal that I have set is to eat better. My step baby step is to cut back on carbs – not completely – baby steps!  I hope whatever you are trying to obtain this year is reachable and you are able to obtain it! Happy 2011! Make a difference! … Read entire article »

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