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Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez

It all went down on Monday nights season finale of the Bachelorette as Ali picks the very handsome Roberto!!! If you watched the show from the very beginning you could see that they had sparks immediately (hints the reason he got the first impression rose)! I have always watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette, but for some reason this season really intrigued me. I think that it is partially because Ali seems so down to earth, and not out for the fame. I could be wrong, but hopefully they stay true to each other and go against the odds and makes this relationship work. Ali admits that she reads the gossip in the media about her (them). I just hope that she takes all the negative comments with a grain of salt and stays true to her heart. The media seems to be what tears couples apart. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to them! They seem so in love! My only request is that they come back and visit Charleston sometime! I got really excited when I found out Roberto was the one and he lived in Charleston (where I live now), but then I realize he had already moved to San Diego when I watched After The Rose. Hopefully they will visit and let the fans know when they are here. The people of Charleston will definitely shower the happy couple with love and support! I, as many, hope they last forever! Good luck to the happy couple and may they only follow their heart and not the media!

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