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My Thoughts On Having Babies With No Money!

So I am at the point in my life where having babies seems to be the thing to do. My husband and I are ready to start our family. The problem with that though is maternity insurance. We have insurance, but of course the insurance only pays certain amounts for certain things. I am not complaining necessarily on having to pay for a child because they are worth more than a few doctor bills to me. What I have a problem with is the people that go out and take government money to have tons of children. It’s like it is a competition for them to have as many kids as they can and use all the working classes money to do so. If you want to have a child you should have enough money to pay for the child yourself. Don’t hold out your hand for government help. I am tried of hearing ladies say that they didn’t have to pay anything for their child and they are not trying to get a job because the government will cut-off their funds. Wake up government – Listen to these people! It is time the funds stop following to the people who don’t want to work! Why should the working class have to pay for the non-working people to have kids? I don’t get it. And another thing – I am tried of hearing that they got pregnant by mistake. Really??? They didn’t know that having sex can cause you to become pregnant? Use pills, condoms, something but stop having babies if you have to use government funding! You are a disgrace!

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