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Lady Like Living » Being Healthy » Ways to prevent over-eating at Thanksgiving:

Ways to prevent over-eating at Thanksgiving:

1.) When you arrive, grab a drink such as water, unsweetened tea or black coffee. Start sipping. This will make you feel more full than you actually are – preventing you from over-eating.

2.) Skip all the breads before the meal. Fill your plate with turkey (lean meat) and the vegs.

3.) Once you have a balanced, healthy plate in front of you, seat down and begin eating.

4.) After you have finished, then if needed, get a small portion of those sinful sweets that you only have at Thanksgiving!

5.) Get small portions of everything and only get one plate of food, not 3! The small sweet trip is an exception, but keep it small.

6.) Once you are finished eating, move away from the food. You don’t want to be tempted to get seconds or thirds!

I find that these tips work best for myself. I may feel full after the meal, but at least I know that I ate healthy and that I didn’t gain 20 pounds in one meal. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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