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Do what makes you happy

Why do something you don’t love to do? Many people have jobs that they dread going to. Why put yourself though the pain and grief? I know why… because you work for money and you have to have money to live. That’s all a given. I have learned that even though I have to work, I can still be happy with my job, even if that means finding a new job. No, I don’t mean you have to go out and start looking for new jobs to be happy, but that may be an option. I feel that a job only consumes roughly 8 hours of my day, so for the rest of the day I have options. Options that can eventually make my life better. In that time I am not working I can think of what makes me truly happy. Is it cooking? Reading? Writing? Swimming? Running? Whatever it is, take time to enjoy these things. Clear your mind of work and just relax doing something you love to do. Once you have had a peace of mind with work and doing something you love to do, think about what you would like to wake up and do. By that I mean, think of your dream job. Is your dream job to wake up, take care of the kids and entertain them all day? If so, think of ways you can actually do this, but still have a “job” other than a stay at home mother. Maybe you could organize a group for other stay at home mothers. The organization could be based around activities to do with your children. You plan the organization, get a group of people together and get everyone involved in certain activities (example – taking a trip to the zoo). Now you are thinking… how would I make money? While it would involve a lot of planning. First of all you could start by creating a list of activities, checking out the price of the activities as a group rate (going to the zoo, going to the movies, going to the water park, etc), then form a group of mothers would are interested in participating in these activities. You give them a set price for each activity and since you get the tickets at a group price, you can charge them slightly more, but still less than the normal individual ticket. Now you are thinking… that will not make that much money. True, but once you get the hang of this, hire assistants to do this with you. Once you do that, you can eliminate the mothers, and just ask for a flat rate to entertain their child for the day while they are working. You still get to spend time with your children, and yet make money and have assistants take care of the other children. You can just make sure it all runs smoothly and all the details are in place. Now you are thinking… that sounds good and all, but I can’t just quite my job and form a committee. I understand. Why not do your research when you get home at night, and then start organizing some events on the weekends. Once that becomes good, maybe take off one day out of the week and do an experiment to see how it goes. Again, this is just an example of thinking outside of the “I have to work my full-time job to make money”. There are many things you can do to make you happy and still turn it into work. I feel that you have to take chances in life to get anywhere. Take baby steps toward your ultimate goal in life, and before long you will be living your dream life. Don’t give up, or let your job get you down. Be happy in life!

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