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Obesity In Children

Walking down the road and seeing young children struggling to walk, to breathe, to play, breaks my heart. Whose fault is it? Sure, you can blame the child for enjoying the taste of good, fatty foods, but when it comes down to it… who introduced all the bad foods to the children? THEIR PARENTS! Children know what their parents teach them. It is up to the parents to set good examples for their child to follow. So many parents turn to fast food for a quick dinner because…. you guessed it – “they were too busy to cook dinner!” Sure that excuse is acceptable occasionally, and by occasionally- I mean maybe once a week at most. Parents need to stop taking the quick easy way out and think about the health of their children. The parents chose to eat fast food… the children don’t really have a choice when mommy and daddy pulls up to the drive-thru and ask what they want for dinner. Sure…. we all have busy schedules and don’t always have time to cook dinner, but doing this all the time is pure laziness. Think about someone besides yourself. Sacrifice those 20 minutes to prepare (notice I said prepare… not necessarily cook) a healthy nutritious meal for your children. If you chose to eat fast food yourself… enjoy, but don’t punish your children.

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