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Kids Bad Snacking Habits

Not only is fast food making our children fat, but the snacks we stuff in their faces are a leading cause also. So many parents feel that if their child wants a candy bar at the checkout line and they don’t buy it for them, then they are being mean to their child. In my eyes it’s the complete opposite. The more junk food you give to your child the more you are killing them inside. You may not see a difference now, but it is affecting them. Who wants their child to grow up and have heart problems? I definitely don’t want that for my child, or any other child for that matter. Parents don’t think about things like this. When the family goes to the baseball game, it’s ok for the 5 year old to eat that hot dog, chips, coke and that ice cream cone. Right? NO…. Children adopt eating habits early in life causing a majority of them to be obesity as an adult. Obesity is not just looking overweight… it is a serious health problem and affects from way of living.

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