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The “South” Dog

So the other night my husband and I were at a friend’s house and we had hot dogs. They put on their hot dogs coleslaw, pickled okra and pimento cheese. I thought – Wow, that sounds different, but good! And guess what, it was so yummy. Well I was craving one the other night and I realized that I didn’t have any hot dogs, but I did have mango jalapeno chicken sausages. In stead of the hot dog I used a mango jalapeno chicken sausage and wow!!!! It took it to a whole new level. They were so yummy. Here’s what you need: Basic hot dog buns All Natural Aidells Spicy Mango with Jalapeno Smoked Chicken Sausage ( Pimento Cheese Coleslaw Ketchup or Mustard – your preference Cut the sausages in half length way, but don’t … Read entire article »


New Year, New You!

Happy 2012! This is the year to enjoy myself, my family and my friends! I normally create a list of new year resolutions, but I am not doing that this year. I just plan to live life to the fullest and not take life for granted. Life is so wonderful and we should enjoy each day. Enjoy life! … Read entire article »

The Baby Is Here!

Finally my bundle of joy has arrived! She made her debut on November 3rd, 2011 at 6:50am. Talk about an easy labor and delivery. I started having contractions around 2am and got to the hospital at 2:30am. Within 4 hours it was time to start pushing. After less than 30 minutes of pushing, Keira decided to come meet us. I am very blessed for the quick and fairly easy labor. I decided to go the no medicine route so I could really get a feel for what giving birth felt like. I am really lucky that I only had major contractions for a few hours because yes, it is true, contractions hurt! I have never … Read entire article »

Countdown To Motherhood

So let the countdown begin! I only have 33 more days left until my due date!!!! I am inpatient, nervous and above all excited! The nursery is all complete and the only thing left to do is pack my hospital bag and install the car seat. To keep myself occupied I plan to reorganize closets and drawers in my house. On top of that, I hope to get most of my Christmas shopping completed and all the holiday plans sorted out. Staying busy will help Keira’s arrival seem closer, hopefully! Being a first time mom, I am not sure what to expect. I have done a ton of reading to help prepare myself, but … Read entire article »

Bachelor Pad 2

So now that Bachelor Pad 2 is over I wonder who they are scheming to have on season 3. You know ABC plans ahead to create drama. Gia got to come on again, so maybe Ella will be able to return??? Who knows. All I know is that I am glad that Holly and Michael won… and they shared the money. This season was more about the drama and not so much about playing the game. You have the Vienna, Jake and Kasey triangle which got old fast! I hated hearing and seeing them in almost every scene. So over them! The couples that I did like seeing though were Ella and Kirk, Michelle and … Read entire article »

Be Thankful

After my husband and I took a “Babymoon” (last big vacation before our baby is born), we really realized how thankful we are for everything that we have. We vacated in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The island is absolutely gorgeous, but in reality it is a third world country. Most of the natives of the island have never visited anywhere else, dined in a nice restaurant, attended a university or even rode in a nice car. Things that we all take for granted is a huge luxury there, and we need to understand that. We all need to be thankful for what we have. If you ever think you have it bad, please remember that … Read entire article »

Finding out the sex of our baby!

So, as you might have gathered from previous post, I am pregnant! My husband and I could not be happier. We feel truly blessed. There are a few days in your life that you will never forget (hopefully they are all positive). Important days to me are your wedding day, the day you find out you are pregnant, the day you find out the sex of your child and the day your baby is born. One of my big, unforgettable days is soon approaching, and I can’t wait! Next Tuesday, June 14th, we will be finding out the sex of our first child. Everyone seems to think that the baby is a boy, I have … Read entire article »

St Martin or St Lucia for a Babymoon?

My husband and I are planning a babymoon and would like your feedback. As of now it is between St Martin and St Lucia. I will be starting my third trimester so I mainly want to relax by the water (ocean, swim-up pools, etc) and eat great food. We want to experience the Caribbean without the hassle. We have been to the Bahamas, Jamaica and some other tropical destinations. Please give me your feedback on these places! Thanks in advance! … Read entire article »

Things To Avoid During Pregnancy

I am sure if any of you have been pregnant then the doctor has given you a list of the things to eat, not eat, do and not do. Here is a basic list of the things to avoid: 1. Do not eat sushi…. any type of raw fish and harm the baby and plus it has mercury. 2. Do not eat deli meat… there is the chance it could have bacteria and harm the baby. Make sure you heat it first. 3. Do not eat unpasteurized milk products… this includes cheeses that used unpasteurized milk products. 4. Limit the amount of caffeine you consume. 5. Limit the amount of hot dogs you eat. 6. Do not eat raw seafood. Cooked … Read entire article »


Being pregnant can be a blessing and peaceful time of your life. For me knowing that I am responsible for a life inside of me makes me very happy. We have created this amazing creature that we need to love, support and protect. Children are a gift sent from God and a miracle. A lot of women tend to continue on with their day to day schedule and never sit back and think about this time. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. I hope that anyone wanting to get pregnant is able to, or at least finds peace within their self by donating time to work with children, foster a child, adopt or simply realize that … Read entire article »

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